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We hear a common refrain among hacking victims: “If only I had known.” Fortunately, we have become privy to hackers’ tactics through personal experience and the experiences of our customers. We want to provide insight into common hacking strategies and help you become more aware so your information stays safe.

Highlighted below are four signs you’re being targeted (possibly by a fake IT company). Hopefully these red flags will change “If only I had known” into “I’m so glad I knew.”

  1. You receive a call from a large software or social media company – Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook will never call you. They have no reason to. If they need to contact you, which they rarely do, you’ll see a notification on sites like Facebook, or you’ll receive an email prompting you to log in to your Amazon account. If you receive a suspicious call asking for personal information, hang up and contact the company directly through the number on their website to confirm.
  2. You are asked for your ID and password over the phone – A legitimate company will never ask for both of these items. They already know your ID, and giving them your password accomplishes nothing. Sharing this information gives hackers free reign over your personal information.
  3. You are prompted to download and install software on your computer – This is always a hacking attempt. It’s a tactic to track your activity so hackers can steal your ID, bank account details, or other personal information. Be wary of downloading anything on your computer unless it’s from a professional, trusted source.
  4. You receive an email asking you to click on a link – Never click on links sent to you via email. Legitimate companies will always direct you to their website. Unknown companies, first-name-only senders, and vague information are all signs of malicious intent. You should be able to clearly recognize an email from a real company, and when in doubt, don’t open the link.

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